Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Shoveling Shitt in Seattle

There’s nothing like examining the sheer bedlam that liberal rule does to a city. What better place to study homicide than the progressive dystonia of Chicago or Baltimore? If you wanted to scrutinize the degeneration of a once great world-class city into a third world cesspool what finer example is there than Detroit? However in terms of sheer insanity there’s no place like Seattle. It even puts NYC and LA to shame for abject nitwittery. 

My recent article “Gunless in Seattle” illustrated how a tax on ammo and guns orchestrated by the liberal city council was to generate up to $500 K in revenue to “study gun violence.” The reality was that only a little over $100,000 was produced. The true economic consequence of this action was the closure/relocation of 14 out of 15 gun/ammo retailers in the city. No mention of this considerable economic loss was made by the liberal ilk that governs Seattle. They also failed to remark on the sizeable increase in gun violence that the city has suffered since the tax was enacted. 

Brilliant, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Seattle has led the way in the adoption of the $15 minimum wage. What is the significance of this action? The University of Washington published a study showing that the “drive to 15” has actually cost minimum wage workers hours worked along with a significant decrease in income. Of course anybody with a functioning brain could have told you that. The liberal left countered with a study of their own and they did it the old fashioned way. They just got a progressive moron to make one up. Remember you don’t need facts or logic to be a liberal. You just need feelings, a bleeding heart and brain damage. 

Not to be outdone in the insanity department the Seattle city council recently passed an income tax on high earners. They did this despite the fact that the state constitution forbids an income tax, is probably illegal and is unlikely to survive legal scrutiny. Of course the ultimate net effect of such a law will cause those who fall into this category (read this as productive) to leave the city and along with them their money/skill sets. Liberals were quick to rave about the new tax, stating that driving property values down would be good for the city. Huh? Yep, nothing like turning a neighborhood into a slum. It’s the liberal way.   
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Late night Dumpster Dive by NYT proves Donald Jr. colluded with Russians

Apparently Donald Trump Jr.'s taste for Russian Vodka and Caviar enabled the Russians to control the oldest son of Donald Trump!