Saturday, June 11, 2016

San Joaquin Valley farmers open Delta Smelt Canneries in the Sierras

Apparently the farmers in central valley of California have had enough when it comes to the tiny Delta Smelt---a fish put on the endangered species list because of actions by environmental activist groups.  As a result, the state of California has diverted millions of gallons of water from the farms in the Central Valley resulting in the closing of hundreds and bringing the unemployment rate to a high not seen since the days of the Great Depression.  But now the farmers are fighting back.  It has been reported that at several locations somewhere in the foothills of the Sierra's secret canning factories have been established for the sole purpose of containing the spread of this minnow-like pest by confining it to tin cans.  Additionally a secret ingredient has been added to each can of the already tasty Smelt, an ingredient that gives this tiny fish the taste of Beluga Caviar, something the San Francisco elite can't resist. Of course this was directed at those environmental elitists in the Bay area who were responsible for the water restrictions placed on the farmers in the first place. One farmer was heard to say, "hell it's them or us"!   


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