Thursday, June 30, 2016

Global Warming Union

Obama in his first interview following the Airport attack in Istanbul pointed out that we were actually winning the war on ISIL.  He then began to lecture us, as if we were little kids, on what all progressive globalist believe, that the real enemy of America and the world is man-made Global Warming.  When in fact, the entire purpose of the "Global Warming Union" is little more than a grand Wealth Redistribution scheme designed to mandate the wealthy nations of the world (and their citizens) give vast quantities of there earned wealth to the poorer nation states.  Of course, this dovetails with President Obama's "Re-distributive Change" position!  I would dare say that if Obama was a preacher, more likely a Imam; his first sermon would be on the dangers of global warming!  And of course, should we fail to heed his warning we will all burn; but not in the fires of that Biblical Hell, rather the flames of Man-made Global Warming!
By Ron Russell

Friday, June 17, 2016

Obama Plays Russian Roulette with Lives of Americans

There is little doubt that president Obama cares little about the average American in the street.  After all he is steadily importing large numbers of Syrian refugees.  Refugees, whose names and locations are not reported to local authorities.  Syrian refugees, we know little or nothing about because of the ongoing conflict in that battered nation where the vast majority of records have been destroyed due to the war.  Obama's former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton if elected would even increase the numbers of unvetted immigrants should she be elected president.  Even tho ISIS has shown it's ability to infiltrate those hundreds of thousands fleeing the war torn country both Obama and Hillary seem hellbent to allow thousands of these potential terrorist into this country.  Obama is playing Russian Roulette, but the gun never goes to his head, but only to the heads of ordinary Americans.  He is gambling that one of these newly arrived aliens is not some stealth terrorist who will go on a bloody rampage before he leaves office this January.  He is aware of the dangers posed by the thousands of Syrians allowed in to this nation, but frankly he doesn't seem to give a damn.   
By Ron Russell 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Obama blames gun and not Muslim Terrorist for Orlando Shootings

With 50 killed and over that number injured the Terrorist attack at a LGBT night club in Orlando, Florida is the site of the deadliest mass shooting in American History.  Authorities have confirmed the shooter was a Muslim, one Omar Mateen, a U.S. citizen whose parents are from Afghanistan.  The one clear message President Obama should gleam from this attack is at this point in time we need no more Omar's or his kind coming into the nation.  Sadly I suspect President Barack Hussein Obama will not learn this and will quickly try to deflect attention, from what is obviously a terrorist attack, by pointing his finger at the gun as the culprit behind this massacre!  Or perhaps he will move to call this a hate crime directed at the LBGT community and not an attack by a radical terrorist against the United States.   Barack the ball is in your court---now sh*t or get off the pot, ot leave that office you have so shamed.  We will wait now to see how both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump view this attack in this election season!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

San Joaquin Valley farmers open Delta Smelt Canneries in the Sierras

Apparently the farmers in central valley of California have had enough when it comes to the tiny Delta Smelt---a fish put on the endangered species list because of actions by environmental activist groups.  As a result, the state of California has diverted millions of gallons of water from the farms in the Central Valley resulting in the closing of hundreds and bringing the unemployment rate to a high not seen since the days of the Great Depression.  But now the farmers are fighting back.  It has been reported that at several locations somewhere in the foothills of the Sierra's secret canning factories have been established for the sole purpose of containing the spread of this minnow-like pest by confining it to tin cans.  Additionally a secret ingredient has been added to each can of the already tasty Smelt, an ingredient that gives this tiny fish the taste of Beluga Caviar, something the San Francisco elite can't resist. Of course this was directed at those environmental elitists in the Bay area who were responsible for the water restrictions placed on the farmers in the first place. One farmer was heard to say, "hell it's them or us"!   


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Monsters from the Id, lurking in those yelling "Racism"

Donald Trump has been soundly condemned from all quarters for daring to imply that the judge handling the Trump University case might not give him a fair shake because that judge was of Mexican heritage and after all, he Trump, is going to build that wall to keep illegal Mexican aliens from coming across our southern borders.  Those on the left were quick to condemn Trump for his words, as were many on the right.  However, it is only fair that we point out that the progressives in this country often, very often call judges and the judicial system in general racist.  But then when they do it, there is no large out cry by those in the media.  Donald is right, justice is not blind and racism does exist among judges.  It is only fair that a judge who belongs to organizations that use the phrase "La Raza", meaning The Race in their name just might be guilty of having a "Mexican in the woodpile"!  The term "Racism" has been so over used that it is as common as sh*t in the toilet bowl and useless to those whose own prejudices call them to regurgitate it far too often.  And to those who insist on using that old saying, "Justice is Blind", maybe the tooth fairy will come next time you lose one of those pearlies!  The fact that Donald Truth might see some racism in the Mexican-American Judge handling his case does not make him the racist; but is perhaps more revealing of the subliminal "monsters from the id" lurking within those hurling the charges.  By Ron Russell

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Who will best handle the Nation's Nuclear Codes---Clinton or Trump

Hillary Clinton has proven again and again that she is able to protect Top Secret papers.  After all she is the only senior government official to ever invest (her personal money) in a private server.  A server that would keep national secrets from the prying eyes of those whose only motive was to bring harm to both Hillary and those close confidants in her inner circle.  Just recently, Queen Hillary has admitted that hundreds in the government knew about her private email (which is, an address that is no longer in existence.  Kind of makes one wonder if so many in the government were privy to this account, would it also be known to foreign enemies of the State.  One does wonder if Russia, China or even some Nigerian Prince was able to access her device.  At any rate, this master of deception (Hillary), is now telling us that she would be a better Shepard for our Nuke Codes than the Man from Trump Tower.  Of course, that is something no one will ever know.  Only one of them will be elected President and have those codes to safeguard.  On a somewhat sexist note----I have noticed over my many years that women (for some unknown reason) just don't seem to be able to keep a secret as well as men!  Battening down the hatches for this one.  At any rate, I would not like to see a woman who was such a wimp for putting up will Bill over these many years ever hold the highest office in the land.  This witch (for lack of a better word) never had the Cojones to stand up to that philandering husband of hers and we expect her to stand up to Iran, China or even Russia----I think not!  Give me the Donald any day, even with all his flaws.         
By Ron Russell

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Shocking Interview with Ghost of Harambe, the Great Ape

Reporter:  Where were you born?
Harambe:  In the Bwindi Forest in Uganda.
Reporter:  What is the first thing you remember?
Harambe:  Being ripped from my dead mother's after a native poacher shot her and dad!
Reporter:  How was your trip to America?
Harambe:  The cage was too small and I didn't have a porthole view!
Reporter:  Were you treated well at the Cincinnati Zoo? Harambe:  I was forced to look at the same things everyday.  You know, the bars, the wall, and the moat.  And, of course, the gawking stares of humans just like the ones who killed mom and dad in Uganda!
Reporter:  Some have said you were only trying to protect the little boy who fell into your habitat.  Is that true?
Harambe:  WTF!  Do you really believe we are all that stupid!!!!