Sunday, May 1, 2016

Beloved American, John Wayne, branded as Racist by state of California

The California state assembly by a 35-20 vote rejected an effort to make May 26, John Wayne day, by claiming the deceased actor was a racist.  I suspect that real reason was because he was a white male conservative.  However, just last year, the state of Texas voted to make May 26 John Wayne Day in honor of the beloved actor.  It was just recently that the Obama Administration decided to take Andrew Jackson off the $20 dollar bill because he owned slaves.  One must wonder how long it will take liberal progressives to get around to both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and remove their images from the nations currency, after all they owned slaves.  And then perhaps they will demand the tearing down of the Washington Monument as well as the Jefferson Memorial and then rename the nations capital.  It's beginning to look like any white male conservative dead or alive must be or have been a racist and his name stricken from the history books and all symbols of his existence expunged from the national landscape!  Should radical progressive Democrats gain full control in the USA, the book burning's of Nazi Germany will look like a mere spark along side of massive fires that will sweep the nation as a new Fascist intolerance seeks to silence free speech as well as the Constitution!  I suppose where the "Duke" made his biggest mistake as far as the left is concerned is that he failed to spit on the returning troops from Nam at the end of the Vietnam War, as was a common practice among left wing radicals particularly in California.  After all American troops were baby killers in the eyes of those indoctrinated at Universities like Berkeley!   

By Ron Russell 

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