Thursday, April 14, 2016

Black Reparations supported by White Conservative

Just yesterday presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced her "white guilt" for having been been the recipient of benefits resulting from her "white privilege".  This of course, added fuel to the "Black Reparations" movement sweeping the nation.  Now one white conservative member of the Mississippi State Legislature who wishes to remain anonymous has come out in support of paying Blacks reparations for past grievances they suffered at the hands of privileged white people. However, this anonymous leader did put some stipulations on his payment plan.  First this bold conservative, would give each black family in America the sum of $1,000,000.  However, he would deduct from that the cost of food stamps given to those families for the last 20 years, also he would calculate the estimated cost of free medical services used by that family and deduct that from the million dollar settlement,  additionally for those families who are in low rent public housing he would subtract the estimated cost of that from their generous reparation payment.  This unidentified conservative who is obviously suffering from "white guilt" has calculated that after all the debits and credits are figured in, the average Black family would owe less that $90,000 to local, state and federal governments.  Representative "X", as we shall call him, claims this should put to rest forever the question of Black Reparations!
By Ron Russell           

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