Thursday, March 31, 2016

Seaworld Orca denied right to have traditional sex

Under pressure from animal rights and environment groups the executives at Seaworld have been coerced into agreeing that there would be no more breeding of captive Orca.  This can be accomplished in several ways, either by keeping the two sexes apart, manufacturing super-sized condoms for the male Orca, or bringing in representatives from the LGBT community to teach the Orca the error of their ways!  As of this time no decision has been made by Seaworld as how to accomplish this humane goal.  However bids are being accepted from Trojan and other condom manufactures.  Additionally, members of the LGBT community in San Francisco are demanding that the Orca be given the option of an alternative life style, and are sending large quantities of K-Y Jelly to Seaworld locations around the country!     

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Seaworld to feed live Baby Seals to their Orca population

The executive board of Seaworld, under pressure from animal rights groups such as PETA, has approved the construction of a 200 acre Seatopia.  This self-contained Orca Paradise will have waters that range from '50 - '100 deep.  No longer will the Orcas of Seaworld be forced to eat dead fish as an assortment of live aquatic life such as baby seals and penguins will be stocked for the killer whale's gourmet delights. 
This massive Seatopia will be open to the public in under two years.  However, in keeping with the nationwide movement on college campuses for safe spaces, signs will be posted warning Millennials that some of the Orca's feeding habits may be disturbing---blindfolds will be issued at the gates for those too fragile to accept the realities of the real world.      

Monday, March 7, 2016

Will Obama admit that Christian Genocide is happening in the Middle East?

Why is the Obama Administration so reluctant to recognize the systematic murder of Christians across the Middle East?  And why won't the President identify these killings for what they obviously are---Christian Genocide!  One must wonder if things were reversed and Christians were killing Muslims what would the President say then.  The answer is clear---he would be among the first to call it Muslim Genocide.  Seems with this President some terms are off limit.  The phrases "Islamic Terrorism" and now "Christian Genocide" are forbidden.  This should not shock anyone who is familiar with the written and spoken words of Barack.  Remember he did write, "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction" in his 2006 autobiography "The Audacity of Hope".  Then on more than one occasion when confronted about modern Islamic Terrorism he has been quick to point out the Christian Crusades of a thousand years ago.  He seemed to equate the Holy Crusades of King Richard and others to the current  of acts of Islamic terrorism across the globe.  In short, the man in the White House cannot admit their is such a thing as "Christian Genocide" occurring in the Middle East.  That would run contrary to what is obviously, his deep seeded belief as to what Islam stands for.  I would contend that the old saying, "you can't see the forest for the trees" aptly applies to Barack Hussein Obama!  By Ron Russell