Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump Election 2016 - Trumpinator

Following his smashing victory over Republican establishment candidates in the New Hampshire Primary"The Donald" is taking his campaign south to the Palmetto State home to Governor Nikki Haley.  Remember it was Nikki who threw a few sharp barbs at Trump during her Republican reply to Obama's SOTU speech.  At this time Trump has a big lead in the polls in South Carolina.  A lead that could grow when his victory in NH is factored into later polls.  This observer thinks it is only a matter of time before the "Man from Trump Towers" focuses his attention on that ole pinko socialist from Vermont.  Seems that Bernie Sanders is rapidly becoming the Democratic Party front-runner following the severe beating he inflicted on the lying former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  Until this time Republican attacks have been aimed at her, but now I suspect that will change and the avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders will experience the full wrath of the Trumpinator!  By Ron Russell

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