Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton shows signs of Senility at Reno Rally

At a recent campaign event in Reno, Nevada, the former first lady and Secretary of State seemed at a lost for words and resorted to barking like a dog.  Leading many to what was going on with the old gal.  Was this just an early sign of senility?  Was her forgetting to send help to those victims at Benghazi, as well as lying to family members of the fallen there about the cause of that attack, and of course her lack of memory of having sent and received top secret classified emails on her private server a farther sign of creeping dementia.  Was this condition brought on by her age or just maybe an over indulgence in alcohol or perhaps a concussion caused by a recent fall?  Whatever the case we do not believe that a physical disability such as senility or dementia, as some call it, should be a disqualifying factor in running for office.  After all, that is a disability, and it's unlawful to discriminate against Americans with these afflictions.  Besides there are already hundreds  now serving in Congress and at the White House with such mind-altering ailments. 
By Ron Russell

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