Friday, February 12, 2016

Democrats would give Criminals a get out of jail free card

In last nights Democratic debate it seems that Hillary and Bernie were trying to out-black each other in their quest for Afro-American votes in the Palmetto State.  Although the debate was held in Wisconsin it was clear to this observer that their message was cleared directed at Black Voters in South Carolina and the upcoming SEC primaries in the deep south where victory for each will be determined by who gets the most black votes.  Apparently Clinton and Sanders both would re-write federal sentencing guideline.  Guidelines that were enacted under the Bill Clinton administration at the request of blacks leaders of that period to rid the streets of undesirable criminal elements roaming the streets of inner city where large black minorities were located.  However, times have changed in the National Democratic Party with groups such as "Black Lives Matter" forcing the party to move sharply to the left on black issues.  Both Hillary and Bernie seem to have adopted the views of such groups and blame the large black prison population in this country, not on the criminal element, but instead on a racist Justice Department sentencing guidelines established while Bubba Clinton was in office.  And again, like one must suspect, the police in this nation were viewed as part of the problem.  Sometimes I think the only solution to this situation is to open the Jailhouse doors to those who were so unjustly  incarcerated, by what Progressives see as a racist justice system, and give each newly released convict a gun before he leaves prison so he can defend himself on the streets of the Ghetto.  Perhaps we would all get lucky with the ex-convicts and the boyz-in-the-hood forming a circular firing squad.  In the past, I have condemned all that "free stuff" the Democrats give away, but when it comes to that "Get out of Jail Free Card", it might just be a good idea.   By Ron Russell   

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