Friday, February 26, 2016

Will GITMO Terrorist be move to Rattlesnake infested Island in Massachusetts

As usual, the Liberals in the Lobster State aka Massachusetts are showing their ignorance.  They are proposing to set aside a large island as a rattlesnake refuge.  It should be noted that some local residents are protesting this move, showing that not every one in the state is a blooming idiot!  Personally, I could be persuaded to support this move by the state providing they close GITMO and move the residents of Camp Delta there.   

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sanctuary City Offers Free Goats to GITMO Refugees

Obama has now laid out the welcome mat to GITMO Refugees who have been victims of American Imperialism.  At this time sanctuary cities across the nation are vying for the right to receive these poor misunderstood Muslims whose only crime was to promote Islam as mandated by the Holy Koran.  The city of San Francisco has taken the lead in what has been a concerted effort to attract these victims of American aggression by offering free goats to any former detainee from GITMO to settle in their all inclusive community!  By Ron Russell

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tee Time for Obama during Funeral for Scalia

To be quite honest no one really knows what Barack will be doing during Antonin Scalia's funeral.  It's a top secret, even Hillary Clinton's server doesn't know.  Perhaps he will attempt to cover his sorry butt by droning some unsuspecting camel somewhere in the Sahara and claim it was an ISIS leader and this action demanded his presence in the White House situation room to assure it was properly carried out.  But honestly, I doubt this sorry excuse for a man and president is even concerned about what others think.  For now he only answers to the man in the mirror, but that time will come in the not too distant future he will have to answer to that higher power.   
By Ron Russell

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Obama Refuses to attend Funeral of Justice Antonin Scalia

The damn low-life SOB, bastard who is presently soiling the image of the Presidency and the White house will not attend the funeral of Justice Antonin Scalia (longest serving member of the high court).  A funeral that will be held just a few blocks away in NE Washington at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  This is the same scumbag that in one of his first acts as president ordered the removal of the bust of Winston Churchill (the leader of wartime England), from the White House.  Obama is a great one with words and is always talking about bringing the Nation together, but when the rubber meets the road this "son of a goat herding Kenyan" apparently cannot reach out a hand to his political enemies even in death.  This boyish acting adult is an utter disgrace to the country as well to the high office he holds. 
By Ron Russell

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton shows signs of Senility at Reno Rally

At a recent campaign event in Reno, Nevada, the former first lady and Secretary of State seemed at a lost for words and resorted to barking like a dog.  Leading many to what was going on with the old gal.  Was this just an early sign of senility?  Was her forgetting to send help to those victims at Benghazi, as well as lying to family members of the fallen there about the cause of that attack, and of course her lack of memory of having sent and received top secret classified emails on her private server a farther sign of creeping dementia.  Was this condition brought on by her age or just maybe an over indulgence in alcohol or perhaps a concussion caused by a recent fall?  Whatever the case we do not believe that a physical disability such as senility or dementia, as some call it, should be a disqualifying factor in running for office.  After all, that is a disability, and it's unlawful to discriminate against Americans with these afflictions.  Besides there are already hundreds  now serving in Congress and at the White House with such mind-altering ailments. 
By Ron Russell

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Last Hunt of Justice Antonin Scalia

It was the second day of what was planned to be a three day Quail hunt on the sprawling 30,000 acre Cibolo Creek Ranch in the Big Bend section of Texas near the Mexican border.  Earlier that morning Justice Scalia has bagged his third Mexican Quail of the day, complete with backpack.  Although the Justice didn't have a NRA tag for the third one, he decided to keep the border-jumping quail and pay the $.50 fine to NRA authorities before leaving the state.  However, the highlight of the day occurred shortly after noon when Justice Scalia spied that rarest of all critters on the ranch---a Progressive Millennial who had had recently left the indoctrination center at the University of Texas and traveled to the remote Big Bend country, also in search of the border-jumping Mexican quail so he could escort them to a government sanctioned refuge somewhere on the west coast.  Needless to say Scalia took advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Scalia further stated, he would not accept the $10,000 dollar bounty placed on this unwelcome visitor by the Lone Star Republic, but instead donate it to the general funds of "The National Right to Life Committee". And so ended the Last Hunt of Justice Antonin Scalia.
 By Ron Russell

Just a bit of Satire.  We loved the Justice and wish his family well in these difficult days!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Democrats would give Criminals a get out of jail free card

In last nights Democratic debate it seems that Hillary and Bernie were trying to out-black each other in their quest for Afro-American votes in the Palmetto State.  Although the debate was held in Wisconsin it was clear to this observer that their message was cleared directed at Black Voters in South Carolina and the upcoming SEC primaries in the deep south where victory for each will be determined by who gets the most black votes.  Apparently Clinton and Sanders both would re-write federal sentencing guideline.  Guidelines that were enacted under the Bill Clinton administration at the request of blacks leaders of that period to rid the streets of undesirable criminal elements roaming the streets of inner city where large black minorities were located.  However, times have changed in the National Democratic Party with groups such as "Black Lives Matter" forcing the party to move sharply to the left on black issues.  Both Hillary and Bernie seem to have adopted the views of such groups and blame the large black prison population in this country, not on the criminal element, but instead on a racist Justice Department sentencing guidelines established while Bubba Clinton was in office.  And again, like one must suspect, the police in this nation were viewed as part of the problem.  Sometimes I think the only solution to this situation is to open the Jailhouse doors to those who were so unjustly  incarcerated, by what Progressives see as a racist justice system, and give each newly released convict a gun before he leaves prison so he can defend himself on the streets of the Ghetto.  Perhaps we would all get lucky with the ex-convicts and the boyz-in-the-hood forming a circular firing squad.  In the past, I have condemned all that "free stuff" the Democrats give away, but when it comes to that "Get out of Jail Free Card", it might just be a good idea.   By Ron Russell   

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump Election 2016 - Trumpinator

Following his smashing victory over Republican establishment candidates in the New Hampshire Primary"The Donald" is taking his campaign south to the Palmetto State home to Governor Nikki Haley.  Remember it was Nikki who threw a few sharp barbs at Trump during her Republican reply to Obama's SOTU speech.  At this time Trump has a big lead in the polls in South Carolina.  A lead that could grow when his victory in NH is factored into later polls.  This observer thinks it is only a matter of time before the "Man from Trump Towers" focuses his attention on that ole pinko socialist from Vermont.  Seems that Bernie Sanders is rapidly becoming the Democratic Party front-runner following the severe beating he inflicted on the lying former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  Until this time Republican attacks have been aimed at her, but now I suspect that will change and the avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders will experience the full wrath of the Trumpinator!  By Ron Russell

Friday, February 5, 2016

Is Obama a Christian or do his actions point toward Mecca

Obama only joined the so-called Christian Church of the most un-reverend Jeremiah Wright when he decided to run for office in America's most corrupt and violent city.  And after sitting in the pews of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for almost 20 years Obama claimed never to have heard any of the hateful anti-American sermons of his Pastor.  This leads one to wonder why in the world was he going to church with a deaf ear.  Was it just to advance his political career?  We know in the  past White House Prayer Breakfast's have been used to bash Christian's for the Crusades hundreds of years ago.  But at the same time there was never, never a mention of the Islamic Moorish expansion into Europe before the time of the Crusades.  And then, of course, he has never and will never use the term Islamic Terrorism.  Honestly, although Barack claims to be a Christian, his actions do not support that that assertion.  If anything they point to Mecca!  By Ron Russell