Saturday, October 29, 2016

Carlos Danger takes center stage in Hillary email scandal

In an elaborate  ceremony in the White House Rose Garden on his second day in office, President Donald Trump awarded Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger the nation's highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom in absentia. Carlos is now serving a 15 year sentence at the Federal Penitentiary at Allenwood, Pennsylvania where he is reportedly having the time of his life with the boys in Cell Block no. 2.  President Trump, in a brief statement expressed his gratitude to Mr. Weiner, a life-long Democrat, for his inadvertent aid in keeping the nation from going over the cliff by helping to insure that HRC would not reach the Oval Office.  At this time Hillary Clinton remains in seclusion at her sprawling estate in Chappaqua, New York.  While at the same time Huma Abedin, Sec. Clinton's former chief aid and wife of convicted child molester Anthony Weiner was seen outside the prison at Allenwood, apparently seeking to get on Anthony's visitor list.  It should be noted that Federal Penitentiaries allow conjugal visits, however we fail to recognize the need for such visits considering Carlos's tete-a-tete's with the boys in Cell Block no. 2!  But then, poor Huma may be unaware of Anthony's tryst just as she was about Hillary's illicit relationship with that hot server in her basement---and we don't mean the butler!   

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shovels, Chicken Wings and Malt Liquor

In a totally predictable move unidentified sources in the Hillary Clinton campaign reveal that  large quantities of Malt Liquor, Chicken Wings, Glade - Air Fresheners, Shovels, Buckets of Blood, along with thousands of undocumented workers aka illegal aliens, have been sent to select black voting precincts located primarily inside the beltway of the large urban areas.  Areas, that are referred to by Crackers living outside those killing zones as "the ghetto"!  Apparently, this is a vast "get out the vote" effort by the Hillary's goose-stepping minions.  Minions that are marching in lock-step to the forked-tongue lady yelling cadence, "You had a good home, but you left, your right left....."!  

One doesn't have to speculate about the malt liquor and chicken wings being shipped into the ghetto precincts---that is quite obvious, but the run on shovels at the local hardware stores and the hoarding of buckets of blood from large slaughter houses has many but the most astute observers mystified.  When asked about these seemingly unrelated events as old-timer replied, "You got to feed those rotten corpses when you dig them up and keep them happy until they pull that voting level"!  An then of course there is the issue of the illegal aliens and why they are needed:  of course many will be escorted to the polling place with a translator in tow, but their primary function will be to man-the-shovels at the graveyard.  After all, as you might expect, no self-respecting ghetto resident would be caught dead (excuse the pun) with a shovel in his hand.  And then finally, the need for "Glade Air Freshener" should pass any smell test---rotting corpses in polling booths.       

"Bulworth" is a movie about a Democrat left wing politician.  One bitten by the truth bug.  This exert from his speech to a black group in South Central Los Angles tells the truth about Democrats and their black voters---give it a listen.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dating Hot Russian Girls

Seems that President Obama is mad with Russian President Putin and is threatening to bar government employees from dating them on line.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton's plan to eliminate Looting during Ghetto Riots

An extensive DOJ report shows why people loot.  Seems it only occurs when free food, free housing and welfare checks just aren't enough!  According to those in the Obama Justice Department the only solution is to open stores in Ghetto neighborhoods on Friday and Saturday nights and allow residents to take anything they want for three hours and if the shelf's are empty before the allotted time is over the owner of that offending business would be required to restock or face severe fines and/or prison for depriving useful citizens of their Obama given rights.

Both the DNC and Hillary Clinton have already expressed their support for this measure and pledged to have it enacted into law when Hillary becomes President in 2017.  This plan also has the support of 99.9% of the residents in areas that will be covered under the new law.  Apparently the .1% opposing consist of local Korean, Pakistan, Indian and Uncle Tom Black merchants and others with racist tendencies.

Additionally on both Friday and Saturday nights matches will only be sold to responsible voters over the age of 65. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Potential Syrian Terrorist coming to Town Near you

Under the Obama thousands of unvetted Syrian Migrants are flooding into America.  And should Hillary become president the numbers will dramatically increase---she has promised that.  Democrat leaders are aware that most Americans don't want these potential new terrorist living near so they guard the locations of these newcomers, even keeping their presence secret from local authorities so as not to alarm the general populace.  I fully realize that we are a nation of immigrants.  But when those wanting to come to this nation are from a part of the world ripe with Islamic Terrorist, terrorist who would chop of the head of a non-believer at the mere drop of a scimitar it's time to put on the brakes and stop this open border madness.  Madness that the current Democratic nominee for president would not only accelerate, but fully embrace as the America way.  We must not, listen to the voices that tell us all immigration is good.  We must not listen to those that scream xenophobia at anyone who disagrees with them on immigration policy!  Those who insist on open borders would welcome anyone, that is anyone just as long as they live across town and not next door.  Quite frankly, it's time to put Americans first.  And if we must look to the welfare of others (but honestly we can't afford it), then we need to set up safe zones in their own countries for them to settle in.  Believe me when I tell you it would be far cheaper than bringing them to America. It is quite obvious to this observer that those political leaders who insist on opening the doors to this nation wide to all comers are not just motivated by humanitarian values, but have a much darker motive.  But then who would ever accuse a wonderful person such as Hillary Rodham Clinton of having anterior motives where their actions are in question.  I know it's difficult to believe, but her only motive in having a personal email server was the save the nation the expense of a public one.  Oh, and by the way, as the old song goes if you believe that, "I've got some ocean front property for sale in Arizona"! 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Global Warming Union

Obama in his first interview following the Airport attack in Istanbul pointed out that we were actually winning the war on ISIL.  He then began to lecture us, as if we were little kids, on what all progressive globalist believe, that the real enemy of America and the world is man-made Global Warming.  When in fact, the entire purpose of the "Global Warming Union" is little more than a grand Wealth Redistribution scheme designed to mandate the wealthy nations of the world (and their citizens) give vast quantities of there earned wealth to the poorer nation states.  Of course, this dovetails with President Obama's "Re-distributive Change" position!  I would dare say that if Obama was a preacher, more likely a Imam; his first sermon would be on the dangers of global warming!  And of course, should we fail to heed his warning we will all burn; but not in the fires of that Biblical Hell, rather the flames of Man-made Global Warming!
By Ron Russell

Friday, June 17, 2016

Obama Plays Russian Roulette with Lives of Americans

There is little doubt that president Obama cares little about the average American in the street.  After all he is steadily importing large numbers of Syrian refugees.  Refugees, whose names and locations are not reported to local authorities.  Syrian refugees, we know little or nothing about because of the ongoing conflict in that battered nation where the vast majority of records have been destroyed due to the war.  Obama's former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton if elected would even increase the numbers of unvetted immigrants should she be elected president.  Even tho ISIS has shown it's ability to infiltrate those hundreds of thousands fleeing the war torn country both Obama and Hillary seem hellbent to allow thousands of these potential terrorist into this country.  Obama is playing Russian Roulette, but the gun never goes to his head, but only to the heads of ordinary Americans.  He is gambling that one of these newly arrived aliens is not some stealth terrorist who will go on a bloody rampage before he leaves office this January.  He is aware of the dangers posed by the thousands of Syrians allowed in to this nation, but frankly he doesn't seem to give a damn.   
By Ron Russell 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Obama blames gun and not Muslim Terrorist for Orlando Shootings

With 50 killed and over that number injured the Terrorist attack at a LGBT night club in Orlando, Florida is the site of the deadliest mass shooting in American History.  Authorities have confirmed the shooter was a Muslim, one Omar Mateen, a U.S. citizen whose parents are from Afghanistan.  The one clear message President Obama should gleam from this attack is at this point in time we need no more Omar's or his kind coming into the nation.  Sadly I suspect President Barack Hussein Obama will not learn this and will quickly try to deflect attention, from what is obviously a terrorist attack, by pointing his finger at the gun as the culprit behind this massacre!  Or perhaps he will move to call this a hate crime directed at the LBGT community and not an attack by a radical terrorist against the United States.   Barack the ball is in your court---now sh*t or get off the pot, ot leave that office you have so shamed.  We will wait now to see how both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump view this attack in this election season!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

San Joaquin Valley farmers open Delta Smelt Canneries in the Sierras

Apparently the farmers in central valley of California have had enough when it comes to the tiny Delta Smelt---a fish put on the endangered species list because of actions by environmental activist groups.  As a result, the state of California has diverted millions of gallons of water from the farms in the Central Valley resulting in the closing of hundreds and bringing the unemployment rate to a high not seen since the days of the Great Depression.  But now the farmers are fighting back.  It has been reported that at several locations somewhere in the foothills of the Sierra's secret canning factories have been established for the sole purpose of containing the spread of this minnow-like pest by confining it to tin cans.  Additionally a secret ingredient has been added to each can of the already tasty Smelt, an ingredient that gives this tiny fish the taste of Beluga Caviar, something the San Francisco elite can't resist. Of course this was directed at those environmental elitists in the Bay area who were responsible for the water restrictions placed on the farmers in the first place. One farmer was heard to say, "hell it's them or us"!   


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Monsters from the Id, lurking in those yelling "Racism"

Donald Trump has been soundly condemned from all quarters for daring to imply that the judge handling the Trump University case might not give him a fair shake because that judge was of Mexican heritage and after all, he Trump, is going to build that wall to keep illegal Mexican aliens from coming across our southern borders.  Those on the left were quick to condemn Trump for his words, as were many on the right.  However, it is only fair that we point out that the progressives in this country often, very often call judges and the judicial system in general racist.  But then when they do it, there is no large out cry by those in the media.  Donald is right, justice is not blind and racism does exist among judges.  It is only fair that a judge who belongs to organizations that use the phrase "La Raza", meaning The Race in their name just might be guilty of having a "Mexican in the woodpile"!  The term "Racism" has been so over used that it is as common as sh*t in the toilet bowl and useless to those whose own prejudices call them to regurgitate it far too often.  And to those who insist on using that old saying, "Justice is Blind", maybe the tooth fairy will come next time you lose one of those pearlies!  The fact that Donald Truth might see some racism in the Mexican-American Judge handling his case does not make him the racist; but is perhaps more revealing of the subliminal "monsters from the id" lurking within those hurling the charges.  By Ron Russell

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Who will best handle the Nation's Nuclear Codes---Clinton or Trump

Hillary Clinton has proven again and again that she is able to protect Top Secret papers.  After all she is the only senior government official to ever invest (her personal money) in a private server.  A server that would keep national secrets from the prying eyes of those whose only motive was to bring harm to both Hillary and those close confidants in her inner circle.  Just recently, Queen Hillary has admitted that hundreds in the government knew about her private email (which is, an address that is no longer in existence.  Kind of makes one wonder if so many in the government were privy to this account, would it also be known to foreign enemies of the State.  One does wonder if Russia, China or even some Nigerian Prince was able to access her device.  At any rate, this master of deception (Hillary), is now telling us that she would be a better Shepard for our Nuke Codes than the Man from Trump Tower.  Of course, that is something no one will ever know.  Only one of them will be elected President and have those codes to safeguard.  On a somewhat sexist note----I have noticed over my many years that women (for some unknown reason) just don't seem to be able to keep a secret as well as men!  Battening down the hatches for this one.  At any rate, I would not like to see a woman who was such a wimp for putting up will Bill over these many years ever hold the highest office in the land.  This witch (for lack of a better word) never had the Cojones to stand up to that philandering husband of hers and we expect her to stand up to Iran, China or even Russia----I think not!  Give me the Donald any day, even with all his flaws.         
By Ron Russell

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Shocking Interview with Ghost of Harambe, the Great Ape

Reporter:  Where were you born?
Harambe:  In the Bwindi Forest in Uganda.
Reporter:  What is the first thing you remember?
Harambe:  Being ripped from my dead mother's after a native poacher shot her and dad!
Reporter:  How was your trip to America?
Harambe:  The cage was too small and I didn't have a porthole view!
Reporter:  Were you treated well at the Cincinnati Zoo? Harambe:  I was forced to look at the same things everyday.  You know, the bars, the wall, and the moat.  And, of course, the gawking stares of humans just like the ones who killed mom and dad in Uganda!
Reporter:  Some have said you were only trying to protect the little boy who fell into your habitat.  Is that true?
Harambe:  WTF!  Do you really believe we are all that stupid!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fair Play for Hoodie Wearers Act



Recently, President Obama was asked what would he do should Congress fail to act on this pending bill.  He replied, that if Republicans do not pass it, he would simply issue another Executive Order and fund that decree by using funds from the Defense Department.  Obama continued, after all an entry level private in the military makes a whopping $1468 per month and that comes out to about $9 per hour based on a 40 hour work week, which actually makes them over paid considering the fact they get free meals and board.  When asked about his call to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, the President responded with what was probably the most honest statement he has made since being in office,  "most of those hard working Americans in minimum wage jobs in the private sector are Democrats and for some reason unknown to me most of those in the military are Republicans. So why should I raise their pay to $15, after all they don't vote for me".  I suppose that was his one Trumpian moment!  In other words one of the rare times he told the truth without tossing in his infamous political double talk!  Just a little satire, so don't get your panties in a wad.
By Ron Russell  

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hillary attacks Bill's Bimbos

After little discussion between the DNC and RNC it has been agreed that the first Presidential Debate of the 2016 General Election will be moderated by none other than the great Jerry Springer.  Towels will also be supplied to both Hillary and Trump because of the excessive mud-slinging expected at what will probably be the most watched presidential debate in history.  It should be noted that the unsavory acts of both sides as been well documented, however there is a entire generation of young millennials who have no knowledge of how Hillary trashed those women who were abused by Bill,  with their lives  destroyed by her vicious attacks.  Maybe her defense of Bill was because of the love she had for her philandering chauvinistic husband or just perhaps it was something much darker.  Could it just be that Hillary realized that her political future was tied to the success of Bubba and that this scorned woman would do anything to protect her grandiose scheme of one day sitting in the Oval Office.  A office where she would have the old carpets replaced with a new stain-resistant fabric that would not reveal the transgressions of the "First Man"!  
At any rate the presidential debates will reveal to many Millennial Bernie Sanders voters a side of both Bill and Hillary they have never seen.  I suspect, these revelations will drive some into the Trump camp.  Of course, the fact that many Bernie supporter believe that the Democratic Primaries have been rigged to assure a Hillary victory will cause many more to jump ship and get on board the Trump Train.  Needless to say, the 2016 Presidential Debates will be interesting and unpredictable.  However, very predictable in one way.  We already know who will be declared the winner by those progressive  elites in the media and it won't be Trump!
by Ron Russell        

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Obama greeted by huge fireworks display as he arrives in Hiroshima

Obama will be the first sitting President to visit the thriving Japanese city of Hiroshima.  A city that was completely destroyed on August 6, 1945 by an America atomic bomb.  A few days later a second bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki bringing about an abrupt end to WWII.  The two bombs killed an estimated 200,000 people, but by ending the conflict a full scale invasion of the Japanese homeland was avoided.  A invasion that would have brought about the death of millions on both sides.  

However President Obama's apology tour to Hiroshima, was interrupted as Air Force One mysteriously disappeared from radar while on approach to the Hiroshima-Nishi Airport.

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Obama and Air Force One remains unsolved and has only intensified after the recent discovery, of a metal plaque bearing the seal of the president of the United States, by a construction crew removing the last rubble from the A-bomb blast of some 70 years ago! 
By Ron Russell
Also Posted at Obama Satire        

Monday, May 2, 2016

Pink Tu-Tu

Once up on a time, a somewhat disoriented citizen of that infamous "City by the Bay" wondered into the small southern hamlet of Redneckville where he, or maybe she, had to gas up that subcompact hybrid with that awful carbon emitting fossil fuel pumped from Mother Earth.  After committing this necessary disgusting act against nature this proud resident of Frisco decided to clean up and get some relief in the restroom.  So this bearded one sporting a Beautiful Pink Tutu, where while attempting to enter the Ladies Room behind a cute 9 year old wearing pigtails, came face-to-face with the stark reality this was not San Francisco!  Don't you just love stories with a happy ending!   
By Ron Russell    

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Beloved American, John Wayne, branded as Racist by state of California

The California state assembly by a 35-20 vote rejected an effort to make May 26, John Wayne day, by claiming the deceased actor was a racist.  I suspect that real reason was because he was a white male conservative.  However, just last year, the state of Texas voted to make May 26 John Wayne Day in honor of the beloved actor.  It was just recently that the Obama Administration decided to take Andrew Jackson off the $20 dollar bill because he owned slaves.  One must wonder how long it will take liberal progressives to get around to both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and remove their images from the nations currency, after all they owned slaves.  And then perhaps they will demand the tearing down of the Washington Monument as well as the Jefferson Memorial and then rename the nations capital.  It's beginning to look like any white male conservative dead or alive must be or have been a racist and his name stricken from the history books and all symbols of his existence expunged from the national landscape!  Should radical progressive Democrats gain full control in the USA, the book burning's of Nazi Germany will look like a mere spark along side of massive fires that will sweep the nation as a new Fascist intolerance seeks to silence free speech as well as the Constitution!  I suppose where the "Duke" made his biggest mistake as far as the left is concerned is that he failed to spit on the returning troops from Nam at the end of the Vietnam War, as was a common practice among left wing radicals particularly in California.  After all American troops were baby killers in the eyes of those indoctrinated at Universities like Berkeley!   

By Ron Russell 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Pot-head's trip to Lilliput

A while back I came across a post  concerning an interview Obama gave to "60 Minutes". In the interview Obama is seen giggling and laughing and is called on it by the reporter, to which he replies "well you need a little gallows humor" or something to that effect. Glad he mentioned hanging and not some conservative---now that would have created something of a fire-storm. The article mentioned that Barack looked and acted like he was high---the giggles, laughs, etc. Guess the truth will never be known---his actions did raise some eye-brows, however.

Anyway after reading the post and viewing the "60 Minutes" video, I got to thinking about by days some years ago and my frequent visits with Maryjane (marijuana). Often I would come in after a long hard day at the office change clothes and go to my friends house. There Tim, my friend, and I would relax and fire-up the old bong and enjoy the sultry Florida evening. During those long (and they were long) evenings we would discuss and solve most of the world's problems. However, I did notice the next day that all the solutions had slipped away and could not to be retrieved until our next visit to Maryjanes place. During the trips Tim and I saw some things differently--I would focus on the small (like looking at the details of the bark on a tree), while my friend would focus on the large (the whole forest and beyond). I was looking to the infinity of the small and he the infinity of the large. He often said, "where the big meets the small there you would find the answer to it all." Tim is gone now, died at the young age of 44. I miss my friend. Enough of the reminiscing, back to that post on Obama.

While reading that thought provoking post I was reminded of Jonathan Swift's, Gulliver's Travels. And the 4 stories in his satire. The first being the best known of his visit to the land of the Lilliputians---the examination of the small and seemingly petty things in life. And next the visit to the land of the giants (the Brobdingnagian's)---there Swift was holding a magnifying glass up to the world and pointing out the imperfections. And finally, the land of the horses (the Houyhnhnm's)---there Gulliver saw the perfection in nature, a Utopia. So as I read that post I was wondering what Obama was thinking of, if indeed, he was in a cloud of smoke--the Lilliputians, the Brobdingnagian's, or the Houyhnhnm's. Suddenly, the reality hit me---of course it was the Houyhnhnm's! There he would have found his vision of a "Socialist Utopia." The perfect world which all liberals dream of and wish to impose on us all for our own good. Or maybe he sees something more ominous---a land where he is Gulliver and we, well we are the Lilliputians. 
By Ron Russell 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Black Reparations supported by White Conservative

Just yesterday presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced her "white guilt" for having been been the recipient of benefits resulting from her "white privilege".  This of course, added fuel to the "Black Reparations" movement sweeping the nation.  Now one white conservative member of the Mississippi State Legislature who wishes to remain anonymous has come out in support of paying Blacks reparations for past grievances they suffered at the hands of privileged white people. However, this anonymous leader did put some stipulations on his payment plan.  First this bold conservative, would give each black family in America the sum of $1,000,000.  However, he would deduct from that the cost of food stamps given to those families for the last 20 years, also he would calculate the estimated cost of free medical services used by that family and deduct that from the million dollar settlement,  additionally for those families who are in low rent public housing he would subtract the estimated cost of that from their generous reparation payment.  This unidentified conservative who is obviously suffering from "white guilt" has calculated that after all the debits and credits are figured in, the average Black family would owe less that $90,000 to local, state and federal governments.  Representative "X", as we shall call him, claims this should put to rest forever the question of Black Reparations!
By Ron Russell           

Friday, April 8, 2016

Prelude to World War Three

The below is a fictional account of a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  A conflict that would quickly engulf the entire Middle East leading to a clash between the world's major powers.  As we all know the Middle East is a powder keg with a short fuse.  A short fuse that could easily be ignited by the slightest miscalculation.  A miscalculation that could lead to unintended consequences on a grand scale leaving the world powerless to control the onrushing events.   

Day 1   Reuters News Agency is reporting that 3 Iranian missiles have hit the massive Saudi Aramco Oil Refinery near Riyadh.   Reuters is further reporting that the Iranian "Shahab" missiles were launched from the base near Tabriz. The White House has just broken it's silence on the unfolding events in the Middle East, saying the two sides should explore all avenues for a peaceful solution!

Day 1 +4 hours   A flight of some 22 Saudi F-15's flying out of Prince Sultan Air Base some 60 miles south of Riyadh has attacked the Iranian Naval Base at Bandar Abbas in the Straits of Hormus.         

Day 2   Iranian Quds Forces move toward Iraqi-Kuwaiti Border.  Obama orders evacuation of American bases in Kuwait, including army  bases at Arifjan and Doha as well as the Air Base at Ali al Salem.  The White House claims the closure of these bases was already in the works and these installations were not essential to American security.

Day 3    Elements of the Kuwaiti Army have engaged forward deployed members of the Iranian Quds force as they crossed that country's border from Iraq.

Day 4    In a brief Oval Office address, President Obama sought to reassure the nation that the expanding conflict in the Middle East was under control and his team at the United Nations was having constructive dialogues with those evolved.  Meanwhile the cost of crude oil as jumped from $35 per barrel to an all time high of $400 driving gasoline prices to an astounding $8 per gallon in many locations.

Day 5    Iranian troops continue to push south into Saudi Arabia, while at the same time Kuwait City has fallen to the Islamic Republic.  Reports are coming in that in the past few hours numerous Iranian missiles have fallen on the Saudi capital of Riyadh.. Reuters news service in now reporting that some 20 planes from the RSAF (Royal Saudi Air Force) have been shot down by advanced Russian surface-to-air missiles as they attacked nuclear sites at Arak and Bushehr.  This just in from Sky News in Jerusalem: Missiles are now raining down on northern Israel.  These attacks are believed coming from Hezbollah forces in Lebanon and Syria.

Day 6   The Israeli government has announced that should these attacks by Hezbollah and Hamas continue on it's citizens, that not only will those two terrorist groups be targeted; but those states supporting the proxy war against the Jewish State will feel the wrath of Israel.  Following that official announcement it is being reported that top Israeli members of the of the Knesset as well as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been relocated to a secret site, believed to be somewhere in the Negev Desert. If true, this is an ominous development.

Day 7    The AP in now reporting that Israel has launched an undisclosed number of Jericho III missiles at targets in the Islamic State following the successful downing of incoming Iranian missiles by Israel's "David's Sling" anti-ballistic missile system.             

Day 8     The Kremlin has just announced that Russian military advisers helping to maintain an Iranian SAM battery, were killed when Israeli F-15's attacked that site.  The Russian spokesman added that should these attacks continue Israel would suffer grave consequences.

Day 9     A war of words has erupted between Tel Aviv and the Kremlin with both sides claiming the other was in violation of international war.  Meanwhile the Obama administration is not taking sides and has assumed a neutral position as the Russian Black Sea Fleet moves into the Mediterranean.  Just breaking, the Russian Missile Cruiser Moskva has just shot down 2 Israeli F-15 fighters flying over Israeli airspace using their long range S-300F SAM's.

Day 10   The world is waiting for the reaction of Israel for the unprovoked attack by the Moskva, while at the same time Iranian forces continue their advances on the Arabian Peninsular and Hezbollah rockets are stilll falling on northern Israel.  Just breaking---Reports are coming in that witnesses reported seeing what appears to be a nuclear explosion some 30 miles off the Israeli coast.  Various news agencies around the globe are now reporting that all contact has been lost with their offices in Tel Aviv.

Day 11    Thousands of miles to the south a lone Bushman walking across the vast Kalahari Desert notices a strange small light moving across the night time sky in a northwesterly direction.  He this is just some white man's toy finding it's was through the millions of twinkling lights in the cosmos. What is almost beyond his comprehension is that this tiny light streaking toward some unknown destination was born some 100 miles east of South Africa some 200 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean.  And that the birth mother was a Russian Typhoon Class Ballistic Missile Submarine.  This child of modern man was destined to shine it's final burst of blinding light on the city of Washington, Jefferson and of course Barack Obama.   The president awoke in a cold sweat realizing this all was only a dream.  He turned over and went back to sleep.  At that same moment some 4,500 hundred miles to the East an Iranian general pushes that small red button that will send 3 Shahab missiles streaking toward the Saudi Aramco Refinery near Riyadh.  Obama's dream was over, but the nightmare was only beginning!   .   

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Planet of the Black Man

In the last year of Hillary Clinton's second term turmoil is erupting across the nation particularly on college campuses and in the sprawling urban ghettos.  Ghettos, that have grown under Democrat leadership.  President Hillary Clinton sought to stem the unrest sweeping the nation by appointing a leader of the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement to the Supreme Court.  

Not to be interrupted by the violence clashes spreading from coast to coast NASA is preparing to launch it's first manned mission to Mars.  A mission intended to last for 4 years.  BLM protesters are objecting to the launch because the 5 man crew is all white.  Despite the protest Mars Mission One departs Cape Kennedy on schedule.  

Some 18 months later Mars 1, lands on the Red Planet to begin a two year study, in hope of finding an answer to that eternal question "is there life out there"!   Shortly after landing,  Mars 1 loses communication with Earth.  Despite this setback, the Commander of Mars 1 decides to complete the mission hoping this problem can be solved.  

Some four years  later the crew of Mars 1 touches down at their alternate landing site at Edwards Air Force Base in California.  The crew is ecstatic having had no contact with Earth for almost three years.  Upon leaving their craft, they were surprised not by cheering crowds,  but by heavily armed Black Soldiers who promptly placed the 5 under arrest.  Shocked the five white men protested, and demanded to know why they were being treated like criminals.

What the returning astronauts did not know, was just a few months before the government of the United States was overthrown by the BLM movement and that all White Men had been relocated to vast internment camps in the interior.  In disbelief, the 5 were brought before a black magistrate and promptly found to be guilty of the unspeakable act of using their "white privilege" for advancement.  

The world had gone berserk and soon would become the Planet of the Black Man!
By Ron Russell



Thursday, March 31, 2016

Seaworld Orca denied right to have traditional sex

Under pressure from animal rights and environment groups the executives at Seaworld have been coerced into agreeing that there would be no more breeding of captive Orca.  This can be accomplished in several ways, either by keeping the two sexes apart, manufacturing super-sized condoms for the male Orca, or bringing in representatives from the LGBT community to teach the Orca the error of their ways!  As of this time no decision has been made by Seaworld as how to accomplish this humane goal.  However bids are being accepted from Trojan and other condom manufactures.  Additionally, members of the LGBT community in San Francisco are demanding that the Orca be given the option of an alternative life style, and are sending large quantities of K-Y Jelly to Seaworld locations around the country!     

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Seaworld to feed live Baby Seals to their Orca population

The executive board of Seaworld, under pressure from animal rights groups such as PETA, has approved the construction of a 200 acre Seatopia.  This self-contained Orca Paradise will have waters that range from '50 - '100 deep.  No longer will the Orcas of Seaworld be forced to eat dead fish as an assortment of live aquatic life such as baby seals and penguins will be stocked for the killer whale's gourmet delights. 
This massive Seatopia will be open to the public in under two years.  However, in keeping with the nationwide movement on college campuses for safe spaces, signs will be posted warning Millennials that some of the Orca's feeding habits may be disturbing---blindfolds will be issued at the gates for those too fragile to accept the realities of the real world.