Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Black Lives Matter, but White Racist Cops are Expendible

From deep in the heart of Obamaland comes the cry of "Black Lives Matter, but White Racist Cops are Expendable"!  We all know that those poor blacks who are victims of a racist society who forced them into a life of crime are not responsible for their actions of----Rape, Robbery, Thief, and of course Murder!  They are indeed the victims of a racist America.  An America dedicated to the preposition that all men are created equal except for the deprived black man.  A black man that was chained and pulled from his homeland, not by the conquering neighbor tribes who bound him and marched him off to the coast, but by the white slavers who loaded him on ships bound for America.  Yes, if you believe the voices coming from the Black Lives Matter movement, then the poor black man is nothing but a victim of white racism.  
by  Ron Russell  

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