Wednesday, February 15, 2017

General Michael Hooked on Russian Caviar and Vodka

Following the shocking revelation that former national security advisor, Mike Flynn made numerous trips to Russia where he was reportedly compromised by Vladimir Putin who plied him with large quantities of Borscht and Russian Whiskey aka Beluga Gold Line Vodka.  CNN is now reporting that during the presidential campaign hundreds of secret training camps were set up in deep red states (no pun intended), by Russian agents to train naive young people the revolutionary tactics of Vladimir Lenin and Saul Alinsky (the world's two most infamous community organizers).  According to CNN these camps were established for the singular purpose of defeating Hillary Clinton and electing Donald Trump president.  However, many Americans are now beginning to wonder why Russian leader Putin would support the election of Trump.  Especially while sending an armed Russian spy ship some 30 nautical miles of the east coast of America near the submarine base at New London, Connecticut,  deploying nuclear tipped cruise missiles to Europe in violation of a Cold War Treaty and finally having Russian aircraft buzz American warships operating in the Black Sea. 
Putting together the pieces of this puzzle is proving to present more problems than a cross-eyed man would have with a Chinese jigsaw puzzle.  Perhaps, just perhaps this is all some master ploy intended to confound and confuse Putin and just as important those in the media.  And the mastermind behind this Machiavellian stroke of genius is none other than the man from Trump Tower, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.        

Michael Flynn hooked on Russian Vodka and Cavier
In a late night raid, the FBI has recovered 7 cases of Belver Bears Vodka valued at some $7,240 per bottle and 5 cases of Petrossian Royal Ossetra Cavier valued at $3,036 per can at the residence of former Trump national security adviser, Mike Flynn.  If is further being reported that Flynn was wined and dined by Vladimir Putin while the former was in Russia and eventually hooked on these expensive Russian delicacies.  It is alleged that Putin used Flynn's addiction to obtain top secret military information from the Trump White House.  Needless to say, this earth-shattering information was first reported in the New York Times---an unimpeachable source of non-bias news. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump the Swamp

The Liberal establishment was unable to stop  President Trump at the ballot box so they have now turned to appointed, not elected federal judges in a concerted effort to thwart the Trump agenda that would make 'America Great Again'.  We are already bearing witness to this attempt with the actions coming from the 9th circuit court in California and Washington state.  A ruling was just handed down that would fundamentally change the Constitution if left standing.  A ruling that would strip President Trump's right to protect America from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  With emphasis being placed on foreign at this time.  This ruling by the 9th Circuit Court, would essentially give those living in foreign countries the constitutional right to travel to America.  Talk about a nation without borders---this is what those on the American left want and demand.  There is an old saying, "the barbarians are at the gate", never have these words been rang so true.  Americans in the heartland who recently elected Donald Trump as president will once again have to stand up to the mobs in the streets who would tear down the very fabric of our society to advance, what amounts to an alien ideology.  Many had thought the election of Donald Trump was some crowning victory, but it only signified the beginning of the great coming conflict and not it's end.  For far, far too long our great nation has been run by politicians who set aside campaign promises as soon as they settled into their plush seats in Congress, and appointed judges that seek to legislate from the bench.  Will now have that once in a generation opportunity to set things right.  It is time to "TRUMP THE SWAMP", that quagmire that has stifled this great land for far too long.      

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Satirical look at ways to stop Chicago Shooting Violence

Shootings in the windy city topped the 4,000 mark in 2016 with no end in sight for the staggering increase in what is becoming the the nations most extensive outbreak of air-borne lead poisoning in this country's history.  Even soon-to-be President Trump has tweeted on this alarming statistic.  Trump has warned city officials that their failure to control this would result in federal action.  Meanwhile suggestions are flooding in to the office of Trumps transition team on ways to stem this increase in what is obviously black on black gang violence.  One such solution would have all males ages 13-39 with gang tattoos in the afflicted areas be given $20,000 for turning in their firearms and submitting to a vasectomy.  After all shooting blanks never hurt anyone.  Seriously the thought behind this suggestion is that voluntary population control of those obviously having certain genetic deficiencies would lead to a more peaceful community at some point in the future.  Stats also confirm that the birth rate among unwed mothers would be sharply reduced, thereby dramatically decreasing the out-of-control demands on the virtually bankrupt welfare system.  Of course this suggestion was quickly condemned as being racist by those politicians who depend on the gang-banger vote for their place at the public trough. 
One suggestion that really peaked my attention, was one that would have would have mandated partial lobotomies for those afflicted with itchy finger syndrome and "yo mamma" fixations.  However, this was quickly discarded after famous brain surgeon, Ben Carson insisted this to be impractical because on the minuscule amount of grey matter found in those afflicted.  At any rate, this suggestion was quickly tossed out by politicians in Chicago as not only being racist, but fascist as well.  Maybe the best idea for the eventual elimination of gun violence in Chicago came from an employee of Remington Fire Arms, who recommended flooding the most afflicted areas with thousands of his companies latest military grade fully automatic rifles replete with unlimited ammo, while at the same time closing all surrounding hospitals and locking down all ambulance services. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Carlos Danger takes center stage in Hillary email scandal

In an elaborate  ceremony in the White House Rose Garden on his second day in office, President Donald Trump awarded Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger the nation's highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom in absentia. Carlos is now serving a 15 year sentence at the Federal Penitentiary at Allenwood, Pennsylvania where he is reportedly having the time of his life with the boys in Cell Block no. 2.  President Trump, in a brief statement expressed his gratitude to Mr. Weiner, a life-long Democrat, for his inadvertent aid in keeping the nation from going over the cliff by helping to insure that HRC would not reach the Oval Office.  At this time Hillary Clinton remains in seclusion at her sprawling estate in Chappaqua, New York.  While at the same time Huma Abedin, Sec. Clinton's former chief aid and wife of convicted child molester Anthony Weiner was seen outside the prison at Allenwood, apparently seeking to get on Anthony's visitor list.  It should be noted that Federal Penitentiaries allow conjugal visits, however we fail to recognize the need for such visits considering Carlos's tete-a-tete's with the boys in Cell Block no. 2!  But then, poor Huma may be unaware of Anthony's tryst just as she was about Hillary's illicit relationship with that hot server in her basement---and we don't mean the butler!   

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shovels, Chicken Wings and Malt Liquor

In a totally predictable move unidentified sources in the Hillary Clinton campaign reveal that  large quantities of Malt Liquor, Chicken Wings, Glade - Air Fresheners, Shovels, Buckets of Blood, along with thousands of undocumented workers aka illegal aliens, have been sent to select black voting precincts located primarily inside the beltway of the large urban areas.  Areas, that are referred to by Crackers living outside those killing zones as "the ghetto"!  Apparently, this is a vast "get out the vote" effort by the Hillary's goose-stepping minions.  Minions that are marching in lock-step to the forked-tongue lady yelling cadence, "You had a good home, but you left, your right left....."!  

One doesn't have to speculate about the malt liquor and chicken wings being shipped into the ghetto precincts---that is quite obvious, but the run on shovels at the local hardware stores and the hoarding of buckets of blood from large slaughter houses has many but the most astute observers mystified.  When asked about these seemingly unrelated events as old-timer replied, "You got to feed those rotten corpses when you dig them up and keep them happy until they pull that voting level"!  An then of course there is the issue of the illegal aliens and why they are needed:  of course many will be escorted to the polling place with a translator in tow, but their primary function will be to man-the-shovels at the graveyard.  After all, as you might expect, no self-respecting ghetto resident would be caught dead (excuse the pun) with a shovel in his hand.  And then finally, the need for "Glade Air Freshener" should pass any smell test---rotting corpses in polling booths.       

"Bulworth" is a movie about a Democrat left wing politician.  One bitten by the truth bug.  This exert from his speech to a black group in South Central Los Angles tells the truth about Democrats and their black voters---give it a listen.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dating Hot Russian Girls

Seems that President Obama is mad with Russian President Putin and is threatening to bar government employees from dating them on line.